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Leadership and Team Off-Sites

On-Site Assessments and Programs

Integrated Multi-Layered Programs

Team & Culture Building

Shared core values and camaraderie should be developed across business organizations. Humans thrive on the sense of worth that comes with feeling valued by an organization that members perceive as special. We have a passion for facilitating impactful, fun, and memorable team development activities and programs.

Leadership & Management

Due to the pace and bottom-line focus of business, organizations rarely pause to train their leaders. Leadership selection is predominately done as a binary function of performance in a subordinate position without any formal training.

Business Decision-Making Process

Our Business Decision-Making Process enables decision-makers to develop the best course of action at the lowest cost to achieve the best ROI. It is derived from the process of military decision-making – a system that benefits leaders across an organization and empowers them to make optimal decisions in line with the goals and controls desired by senior executives.

Commanding Corporate Communications (C3™️)

We believe that, universally, employees favor clear up-front communication from management. Contemporary business communication is too often mired by indirectness and an aversion to confrontation. Effective organizations work to mitigate these tendencies by enforcing clear standards of communication across all levels.