Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Integrating businesses is a complex and critical process. Valiant is uniquely resourced to support any of the three phases of a merger, acquisition, or asset integration.

Due Diligence and Financial Analysis
Strategic Planning and Organizational Architecture
Team/Asset Integration

Everything must be considered from the new leadership structure, to the composition of the team, and the way the organization functions. If the technical details weren’t challenging enough, management must present a clear plan to employees and move forward with distinct purpose and direction in order to bolster morale and ensure that the new organization’s culture is healthy from the start.

We are capable of performing due diligence and financial analysis or augmenting our client’s team during this phase. After a deal is made, we support the management team through strategic planning and organizational architecture.

Once an integration plan has been developed, we can support the various talent and HR initiatives that must be undertaken to ensure a smooth transition and remain a strategic resource as needed thereafter.