Leadership Selection & Development

Due to the pace and bottom line focus of business, organizations rarely pause to train their leaders.  Leadership selection is predominately done as a binary function of performance in a subordinate position.  That metric should be one of several evaluated when analyzing and selecting business unit leaders.

Leadership is an art and a science.  Every team starts with its leader.

Evaluating and developing leadership abilities has a direct and significant impact on everything from culture to the bottom line.  Invest in your Leaders.™

Speakers and Seminars
Leadership and Team Off-Sites
On-Site Assessments and Programs
Emerging Leader Selection and Development
Integrated Multi-layered Programs

Valiant offers a suite of modular services that leverage our unique leadership philosophy and methodology to benefit our clients.

Our capabilities provide for a wide range of activities and programs to meet short and long-term objectives.  We partner with our clients to develop a service offering that is designed to meet the specific needs of their team, culture, and business.